History of Indjija

The first mention of Indjija dates from 1455, when it was a feudal property of de Lekce family. Indjija was mentioned as a settlement for the first time in 1746 when the Serbs started settling. The Germans and Czechs started settling in Indjija at the beginning of the 19th century, while the Hungarians migrated there at the end of the century.

Before the Second World War, the population was mostly German. At the time Indjija was one of the most developed settlements in Vojvodina, and a spiritual and cultural centre of Germans in Srem. After 1948 the new migratory patterns intensified and Serbs outnumbered other nationalities. After that, Indjija has developed into a strong economic centre of this part of the Srem region.


History timeline

The name "Indjia" is mentioned for the first time in 1455
Postal service is established in early 1800’s
Railroad reaches Indjija in 1883
Telegraph becomes operational in 1850
Commencement of postal money transfers in 1886
Establishment of the first larger steam operating mill in 1890
Indjija gets its first bank in 1897
Electric Plant starts with operations in 1911
The first modern road in Serbia (Novi Sad-Beograd) passes through Indjija in 1939
Rapid development of small and medium enterprises in 1960’s
Indjija becomes Serbia’s Premium Investment Destination TODAY