The urban core of Indjija dates from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, from the period of industrial development and settling of the Germans. It was the time when the building of the Municipal administration was constructed, as well as the House of Vojnovics, Roman-Catholic Church of St. Peter, Mayor Castle building and the town hall with eclectically shaped street facades bearing elements of baroque, classicism, session and neo-renaissance. Some time earlier, the Church "Vavedenja Presvete Bogorodice" was built, the church that by its proportions belongs to one of the most beautiful and most harmonically shaped constructions preserved in Srem from the 18th century.

As a center of one of the most developed and most prosperous municipalities in the country, Indjija has grown into a modern urban town.

With its new pedestrian zone and a monumental square, a modern building of the Cultural Centre, floral arrangements and urban design, Indjija builds an image of a European town made for a contemporary man.

The main pedestrian zone of the town is in Vojvode Stepe Street, which passes through the town center. This exquisite ambient entirety, a mixture of modern and civic architecture from the end of the 19th century, is the main trade and business zone with many stores and cafes. The pedestrian zone consists of two parts, the older one and the newer one reconstructed in 2005. The central part of the pedestrian zone is a square where all the important events take place - concerts, manifestations, theatre plays and other events that enrich cultural life of the town.