The Danube

The river that with its thousands of kilometers long flow adorns ten European countries, connects more than 80 million people and joins different nations and cultures, cuts its picturesque valley through Serbia, from Bezdan to Djerdap. On that way, between the two biggest cities – Novi Sad and Belgrade, the Danube gave to the municipality of Indjija beautiful banks, isles and armlets. The interesting settlements have grown into the attractive natural surroundings where the ancient civilizations’ traditions are kept and thus many tourists are attracted.

The River Danube flows through the territory of the municipality in the length of 27 km, cutting the slopes of Fruska Gora and creating a magnificent river bank, one of the most beautiful banks in its flow. Along its bank, from Cortanovci, across Beska and Krcedin, next to Slankamenacki Vinogradi, to the place where the River Tisa flows into the Danube near Stari Slankamen, beautiful sights come one after another: preserved natural surroundings, beautiful beaches, rural scenery, fish restaurants, weekend cottages, small river islands and attractive landscapes that attract lovers of river, nature, nautical, fishing and eco tourism.

Map of the Danube through Municipality of Indjija

Besides unique nautical adventure and enjoying beautiful natural ambient of the river and its banks, a special experience is visiting authentic fish restaurants where excellent fish specialties are made and tambouritza music is played.