Tradition and culture of the Slovaks

The local residents of Slankamenacki Vinogradi still wear interesting traditional costumes known for its strong colours (green, pink, blue) and handy embroideries.

Woman’s traditional costume is known for its wide skirt coved with embroidery apron and it is completed with mufflers and lace or with embroidery shirt. The traditional costumes were stitched, embroidered and decorated by hardworking hands of Slovakian women. Some parts of the traditional costume still look the same as before and some of them have been modernized. The skirts used to were longer, almost to the ankle and under it were no less then six žipons, but today under the skirt there are just two or three žipons.

Man’s traditional costume includes a trousers and a shirt made of white handmade cloth, a hat and a handmade bag.

Besides the traditional costume, very interesting are different details from Slovaks’ everyday life which can be seen in the room behind the church, made for presentation of their culture and tradition.

The manifestation Pudarski Days, which is held every August in Slankamenacki Vinogradi, gathers great number of Slovaks and other visitors and it is a great opportunity for all those who wish to get to know specific culture of this people.