Indjija - city of sport

Indjija is a town that pays attention to the development of sports spirit and to the culture of living of its residents. It also welcomes everyone who goes in for sports or who wants to enrich time spent in Indjija with sporting activities.


City swimming pool
Artificial lake

At the entrance to Indjija (in direction from Novi Sad) there is a sport and leisure zone, where city swimming pool and courts for different sports are located.

By the plan of city development until 2015, building a modern sports complex has been planed at this place.

Sport and leisure complex in 2015
Sport and leisure complex in 2015

As a promoter of healthy life and going in for sports, Indjija has been chosen for one of the hosts of Universiade held in Serbia in July 2009. Universiade is besides the Olympic games the biggest sports event held in a country. Universiade is hosted every other year in selected city of a country member of FISU.





Sportski objekti

Swimming pool

Novosadski put bb, Indjija

+381 22 557 019

Sports hall

Cara Dusana 21, Indjija

+381 22 561 497

Football stadium

Zeleznicka bb, Indjija

+381 22 510 909