Jug Bogdana 13, Indjija
+381 22 556 340, +381 22 556 341

A new comfortable accommodation in the town centre, intended for tourists and business people. It has suites, single and double bed rooms with TV, phone, air conditioning and mini-bar.

"SIDRO" ***

Danube bank bb, Beska
+381 21 889 099

A pansion on the River Danube bank, 14 km from Indjija. It is famous for its fish restaurant with a beautiful view of the River Danube. All rooms have TV, phone, safe, air conditioning and mini-bar.


"PARK" ***

Trg Srpskih junaka 1, Beska
+381 22 570 278

A pansion in the centre of Beska, 10 km from Indjija. It has a restaurant and a summer terrace. All rooms have TV, phone and mini-bar.



Kralja Petra I 2, Beska
+381 22 571 043

Accommodation in the centre of Beska, 10 km from Indjija. It has a restaurant, a summer terrace and a disco club.



Krcedinski put bb, Beska
+381 63 890 34 75

Accommodation at authentic Vojvodina’s farm, close to the highway near Beska. It has double bed rooms and a restaurant located in a pleasant natural ambient.



Banjska 53, Stari Slankamen
+381 22 591 088

A new accommodation located on the Danube bank, within restaurant "Kej". It has modern double bed rooms.



Borivoja Gnjatica 52, Stari Slankamen
+381 22 591 626

A new accommodation within spa complex "Dr Borivoje Gnjatić", near the River Danube bank. It has modern single and double bed rooms.



Svetog Save 47, Indjija
+381 22 553 000

A pansion located in the centre of Indjija, with 4 rooms and 20 beds. Every room has TV and bathroom. Within the pansion there is a summer terrace.



Mlinska, Beska
+381 22 556 000