Jeep ride

The excursion intended for nature lovers and adventurers, includes a ride near the Danube bank and over Fruska Gora Mountain by old-timer jeeps (Willis) from 1941.
Excursion includes traditional breakfast on the Danube bank in Cortanovci, ride near the bank through Sremski Karlovci (also possible visit to the settlement), then over Strazilovo through the forest to the monastery Grgeteg and over slopes of Fruska Gora to the monastery Velika Remeta. The route goes on next to the well known spring Ubavac through vineyards and orchards to the monastery Krusedol. On the way back comes visit to the saint spring Kozarica and archeological remains of Roman settlement Castrum Herkulus. The 50 km long route ends with traditional lunch on the Danube bank, where domestic dishes are served. Also there is a possibility of boat ride and fishing.

Groups can be from 3 to 20 persons.


Zivan Pasic
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