Marked walking and cycling routes of Stari Slankamen will take you to a journey of discovery through its inspiring scenery and rich cultural and historic heritage. Whether you choose the longer or the shorter one, these routes will take you through beauty and charm of the settlement and get you to many interesting sights.

The network of paths offers you a wide range of walking opportunities. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create a sightseeing that matches your interests, activity level and personal affinities. You’ll enjoy picturesque landscape that stretches along these paths.

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The system of the paths goes though the area of Stari Slankamen and its surroundings. It leads along the Danube bank through Stari Slankamen and further through natural landscapes near the settlement, including all the important tourist values of the area. The system is 8.3 km long and it is divided into a shorter and a longer section.

View from Fortress Acumincum

The shorter path (the green route on the map) leads from the loess profiles, very significant geologic locality where the theme museum "Loessland" is going to be built, along the Danube bank through the settlement to the fortress Acumincum. This section is 3.4 km long and it includes the following sights: the loess profiles, Spa, quay, church St.Nikola, Catholic church, salt spring "Slanaca", remains of the lower town, fortress Acumincum as well as restaurants and accommodation on the Danube bank.

Marked route

The longer path (the red route on the map) leads from the fortress Acumincum to the Monument of the Slankamen’s battle and further through beautiful scenery with the view of the Danube on one side and orchards and vineyards on the other. The section is 4.9 km long and it connects the fortress and the monument.

The tourist routes go over the existing roads and paths, which in this way have got another, new and more interesting dimension. The routes are primarily intended for lovers of nature and walking, but also very interesting are for cyclists that are going over Trans-European bicycle route EuroVelo 6. By taking off this route, this group of tourists can ride through system of paths in Stari Slankamen and enrich their voyage with an interesting sightseeing of the area.